Prediction of 'Another Whole Generation of Addicts' in Wake of Zohydro

Prediction of 'another whole generation of addicts' in wake of Zohydro
I won't use his name out of respect for the family, but his death in February 2011 on a snowy train platform in a town south of Boston happened hours after he was released from detox. He was 40… Continue reading

Sheriff’s Son Jacob Miller Sentenced to Drug Rehab, Jail – KSBW the Central Coast

Sheriff’s son Jacob Miller sentenced to drug rehab, jail – KSBW The Central Coast

KSBW The Central Coast
Sheriff's son Jacob Miller sentenced to drug rehab, jail
KSBW The Central Coast
Jacob Miller was sentenced to a six-month drug rehab program, 425 days in jail, and probation on Tuesday… Continue reading

Judge OKs Quick Hearing on Ky.'s Detained Hemp Seed

Judge OKs quick hearing on Ky.'s detained hemp seed
… history in the United States. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew the crop, which was historically used for rope but has hundreds of other uses. … criticized the delays Thursday. "This is an agency tasked with cracking down on drug… Continue reading

Longterm Side Effects of Pain Relievers and steroids.avi

Longterm side effects of pain relievers and steroids.avi — This video tells us all about long term side-effects of pain relievers and steroids, hypotherapy, what actually the hypotheraphy is all about, a brief insight.

The Road to Cinco de Mayo
The CIA doesn't want to face another high-risk situation like… Continue reading

Armed Men Rob Synthetic Cannabis Store

Armed men rob synthetic cannabis store
Canterbury health officials are ready for a surge of synthetic cannabis addicts needing help for withdrawal symptoms now the products are off the shelf. Stores visited yesterday had largely sold out of … Christchurch Hospital emergency and toxicology …

Can… Continue reading

Hallucinating Away a Heroin Addiction

Hallucinating Away a Heroin Addiction
Looking at Mugianis today, it's hard to imagine that this man with the perpetual smile ever had a heroin habit (as hard as it is to imagine that he's now leading what is arguably the only successful cure for heroin addiction in the world). Clean… Continue reading